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Updated 31 July 2015

Here you will find the latest information on what's happening
at the Fort St. John Family Practice Associates Clinic.

Fort St. John Unattached Patient Walk-In Clinic to be temporarily closed

The Fort St. John Unattached Patient Walk-In Clinic, which shares the Medical Clinic building with us, will undergo a temporary closure in August due to insufficient physicians to staff the clinic.

The closure will take place between August 4 and August 14.

The other medical clinics will continue to be open:

– The Fort St. John Family Practice Associate Clinic for patients with a family doctor at the clinic (Drs Moody, Page, Watt, Hamill, Mackey, Loomes). We will continue to provide our same day access clinic in the mornings for our own patients.

– The ABC Clinic for patients with a family doctor at the clinic (Drs Jamieson, Thomson, Dawkin, Brussow, Ali, Coatta)

– The Fort St. John Primary Care Clinic (formerly the Unattached Patient Clinic)

– Taylor Medical Clinic

– Livecare Walk-In

Health working group shares next steps to solve Fort St John physician challenges
July 14, 2015

Physicians, Northern Health, the Ministry of Health and MLA Pat Pimm met on Wednesday, July 8th to discuss potential opportunities to solve both short and long term challenges affecting the sustainability of family physician practice in the community. One of the most important outcomes is a shared confidence that a practice model may be achieved that will both attract physicians to the community and retain existing physicians as the new model is developed.

“This is a real opportunity for family Doctors to work with other health care professionals to meet both the acute and preventive needs of their patients; this model is new and innovative and may be used elsewhere in the province,” said Dr. Richard Moody. “As a result of these discussions, the Fort St John Medical Clinic has agreed to remain open.”

The work will explore potential solutions with respect to the practice environment and the parties have formed a working group to develop from the ground up a model for Fort St John primary and community care. In addition, the parties are assessing the facility, the current services, and what opportunities there might be as they move forward with a new practice model.

“I personally feel that we have made some significant progress addressing the concerns of all parties,” said MLA Pat Pimm. “We are working together to solve the issues and this meeting set out some actions that I believe will relieve some of the short term pressure; but most importantly lead to a long term sustainable model that will keep the physicians we have, and meet the primary care needs of patients.”

A small steering group and a working group have been formed to ensure that the work will move forward quickly. The group will work over the next few weeks on the practice model to bring back for discussion to the full group. To support this, Northern Health and the Ministry of Health are committing staff members to working on the practice models with representatives from the North Peace Division of Family Practice and to ensure continued progress.

Currently the following clinics are available in the community:

The ABC Clinic is open and continues to provide service; and has recruited Dr Steven Breen as a long term locum.
The Fort St John Primary Care Clinic (formerly the unattached patient clinic) is open and continues to provide service; and has recruited 6 new physicians beginning to arrive in the Fall,
The Fort St John Medical Clinic is open and continues to provide service; and has recruited Dr. Carly Loomes to join the practice.


And some more positive news

Eight British Columbia rural physicians were recognized and feted for their accomplishments and contributions to rural medical practice at the Rural Emergency Continuum of Care (RECC) medical conference held in Penticton, BC on Friday, May 23.

Five physicians – Drs. Nancy Anderson (Bella Coola), Marlowe Haskins (Smithers), Neil Leslie (Revelstoke), Phillip B. Malpass (Nelson), and William Watt (Fort St. John) – were honoured for their outstanding service, their facilitation of best clinical practices, their role as opinion leaders in their communities, and their personal and professional excellence in rural medicine. http://rccbc.ca

Some Good News!

We are pleased to announce that Dr Carly Loomes is moving to Fort St John this summer and will be working with us at the Fort St John Family Practice Associates. She has offered to continue the care of Dr Pieter and Jana DeBruyn’s patients in our clinic. She is finishing her clinical commitments in the Northwest Territories and on Vancouver island but will be joining us this summer. We do not yet have a firm start date but the other  physicians in the Clinic will provide care for the De Bruyns’ patients through our same day access clinic. We thank you for your patience during this transitional period.


Announcement re Departure of Drs Pieter and Jana de Bruyn


Drs. Pieter and Jana de Bruyn

10011- 96th Street

Fort St. John, BC

V1J 3P3


May 13, 2015


It is with mixed emotions that we write this letter  to inform you of our decision to move from Fort St. John in July 2015.  Our last day seeing patients will be Friday, July 10th, 2015. Despite considerable efforts over the last 18 months to find replacements for us, we have been unsuccessful in doing so. 


The current health care situation in Fort St. John has made it virtually impossible to recruit new physicians to full-service family care.  We hope that this will change in the near future.


Since we are no longer able to provide medical services, we recommend that you register  at the unattached patient clinic as soon as possible and have your records transferred. 


If there is any additional information that you need, you could visit our website at

www.fsjmedicalclinic.com or contact our practice manager at 250-785-6677.        


We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in us to take care of your health care needs over the past several years. Thank you for your loyalty and support.  We enjoyed our time in Fort St. John.  We grew not only as physicians, but as a family.  We were very happy here and will always have fond memories of our time here.









Dr Pieter de Bruyn                                                     Dr  Jana de Bruyn



Training Doctors

Please note that we regularly have training doctors working with us in the clinic. You will be asked if you are comfortable with having the training doctor present at your consultation. We encourage you to be a part of training the doctors we need for the future of health care in Canada.