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Information regarding the GP4Me Initiative

Your doctor is your partner in health

As your family doctor, it is my role to provide you with a variety of primary care services within our practice and to maintain your medical record so it’s always up-to- date. It’s also my responsibility to coordinate referrals to other health care providers if you need more specialized care.
As my patient, you also have an important role to play in your own health care. Regular care by a family doctor is proven to lead to more satisfied patients and better health care. If you try to see me and my team first for all your day-to-day health care needs, we can provide you with our best care. It also helps us when you keep us informed about any care you receive elsewhere.
Because I know your health history and your goals, receiving the majority of your care from me and my team can help you avoid things like duplicate tests, medication errors and even hospitalizations.
Doctors in our community want more of our residents to receive the type of long-term care you receive and are working together to improve access to this kind of care, not only for our own patients, but also to ensure that everyone will eventually have their own family doctor. For more information, visit www.AGPforMe.ca to learn about this province-wide project.
As your family doctor, my practice team and I will:
As my patient, I ask that you:
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